Jeb Blanchard, CPC*, Founder


Jeb founded HealthCare Professional Group in 1986. Previously, Jeb spent over six years with IVAC, a division of Eli Lilly, as District Manager and award-winning Systems Consultant. With experience comes understanding; Jeb's experience provides him with a unique perspective of today's challenges in health care. Jeb's involvement in the recruiting industry nationally, and involvement in the health care industry, has allowed him to recognize trends and parallel cycles in both related fields.

Jeb's leadership abilities are recognized locally and nationally, as he has served on the Board of Directors for Tennessee Association of Personnel Services (TAPS) and the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS). Jeb's contribution nationally was formally recognized by NAPS's "Rookie of the Year", "District Director of the Year", and "Outstanding Leadership" awards.

Through his years in recruiting, Jeb has two mottoes, "Opportunities are perishable commodities" and "You do not accomplish your goals for one of two reasons, you are either incapable or unwilling."

* Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) is a professional designation conferred by the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS). The Certification Program is dedicated to developing meaningful and ethical standards fully accepted by the members and duly recognized in the business community. In addition to meeting industry experience requirements, CPC candidates must demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge in federal laws and regulations applicable to the employment profession.