HealthCare Professional Group's staff will work closely with you to ensure that your strategic objectives are met. We thoroughly search the marketplace and evaluate candidates that meet your company's profile. We are committed to delivering only the best candidates for your opportunities. Aggressive research and sophisticated profiling techniques based on proven behavioral models and tested over the last 35 years enable us to present to you a pre-qualified candidate "short list" that meets the requirements set forth by you, our client.

We at Healthcare Professional Group are consistently called upon by our clients to fill their most difficult, critical, and urgent needs. We work with the best and the brightest candidates, most of whom are not actively looking but open to consider superior opportunities; we do not rely on job boards to gather resumes of those in an active search.  We are hunters of talent and excel when your hiring need is urgent, your selection criteria are critical, and when you have no margin for error - it has to be done correctly the first time. We have the freedom to call directly into your competitors and those companies in your niche to recruit the highest caliber talent. We partner with a limited number of clients in order to remain nimble and be able to provide the high level of customer service on which we pride ourselves. We are not restrained by a long list of off-limits companies, or sluggish processes. We are able to quickly access executives in key organizations and bring both strong candidates as well as market intelligence to our clients.


Our differentiating factor is our level of commitment to our clients. We recognize that we are successful only by contributing to the success of the clients we serve. We are a team of fearless, veteran recruiting professionals with documented success. We are relentless, and will not rest until our client's critical search is filled. Therefore, we are able to partner with our client companies to fill ALL of the searches we take on. We are consistently recognized by our clients for our high level of professionalism and detailed communication. This is essential, but only results count. Therefore, we guarantee results.